Charlie Manson’s Spahn Ranch Dressing

spahn_ranchThis was one of my crazier ideas, and like most, it started out as a simple joke. A friend and I were working on a screenplay for a comedy film called, “Six Million Dollar Manson” — Charlie Manson is in prison and his limbs get caught in a license plate pressing machine, the doctors rush in to save him and give him bionic arms and legs… you get the gist. Anyway, I came up with the idea that he should be running a business out of his cell in his spare time, making salad dressing called “Spahn Ranch Dressing”, which sells like hotcakes to his weirdo fans, eventually spawning an industry of commercial products made by incarcerated serial killers. One thing led to another and I began looking into ways I could manufacture and distribute this salad dressing in the real world. Eventually, I decided against it, but not before making some funny commercials for the product. I put these up on YouTube and wound up getting more than 120,000 views on them.