Copy Cat! – A Cat and His Clone

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Copy Cat! has been in development on and off now for 2 years. I pitched the show twice to Nickeleodeon, once for the shorts program and once as a series. They passed on it. I also ran it by someone at Cartoon Network who thought the show looked “too Nick” for them, which is great because I created it with Nick in mind. SMH

So far, I’ve got half a dozen episodes written and ready to go and ideas for another dozen or so. After much encouragement from friends and family, I’ve decided to launch a web comic series with these lovable characters to keep the juices flowing and to hopefully create a fan base – the Copy Cat! Facebook page has nearly 600 fans, which is cool because I haven’t really promoted this much online.

My friend Hector Navarro is doing the art and I’m doing the writing, we officially launched the web comic on Sept. 1, 2014 — gets see how long we can keep this thing going!

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2 thoughts on “Copy Cat! – A Cat and His Clone

  1. MICHAEL says:

    Hi Jon,

    This looks soooooooo like a Nickelodeon cartoon, and reaks of 90’s. I love it! I don’t understand why Nickelodeon passed on it.

    My name is Michael, my brothers and i created a concept for a cartoon 2 years ago and since than have graduated to its design and now its pitch.

    We also created our series with Nickelodeon in mind And are getting ready to pitch. How would one go about pitching to that network or any network.

    Id love to recieve feedback at my cartoons email,

    Liked by 1 person

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